In order to strengthen solidarity and enhance work efficiency, summer tourism program - "Enjoy Summer" was held successfully in Nha Trang from From 02nd to 05th, July, 2016. The program also has the participation of all staff come from companies of TPAI ‘s Group, such as: ECPay, Pist, TSI, Hoang Lien, EHN, VMC ... In here, we have time to relax at the 4-star luxury resort - Diamond Bay Resort & Spa Nha Trang. The trip has left many impressive moments and unforgettable memories.

This is not only a key program in July but also is an opportunity to gather the largest staff in the two regions, the summer 2016 tourism program has been planned and prepared several months earlier. Programs promoting the creative spirit, unity, hard, team spirit and business culture. So, the color characterized most TPAI’s Group has been soul into each item, throughout the whole journey.
Lasted for the first 4 days of July, the program "Enjoy Summer" marked by musical beach party night "Summer Break Party", Teambuilding programs "work hard, play hard" and Gala "Enjoy Summer" eventful. Through the program, the staff of TPAI Group not only have the opportunity to meet and talk, but also to promote understanding solidarity, teamwork skills in all activities. Especially, in this trip, medals for partners, guests and honors outstanding employees for the first 6 months was president of La Quang Binh awarded. This is an honor as well as tremendous momentum, boosting the efforts of individuals TPAI’s Group. Encouragement, timely encouragement was of great significance to every individual in the career development of the TPAI’s Group. Also in the program , 09 year anniversary of the formation and development of  TPAI's Group are held in there.

Ending in many nostalgically, all TPAI-er have a lot of impressions. Participate fully in all the activities for 4 days, the journey is like a bridge of love, to enrich the beauty of the corporate culture. After a memorable journey, we returned to our work. But the spirit, solidarity, love TPAI’s Group referring to the journey each year are multiplying, becoming culture precious mount in each person's heart.