Thuan Phat Agriculture Investment Corporation Sponsored International Mathematics Tournament Of The Towns (ITOT)

Thuan Phat Agriculture Investment Corporation Sponsored International Mathematics Tournament Of The Towns (ITOT)

In 2015, The 37th International Mathemaitcs Tournament of the Towns officially took place in Ha Noi (Viet Nam). Appearing as the main sponsor, Thuan Phat Agriculture Investment Corporation (TPAI) confirmed social responsibility for education and the development of young people.

 Mr. Bui Duc Binh Duong – CEO of TPAI said in ceremony

It’s the first time a city in VietNam has attended ITOT. Participants include students at secondary school (Students in grades 7,8,9) and high school students (grades 10, 11 and 12). According to organizers, the purpose of the exam is to improve and enhance the quality of teaching and learning mathematics. According the success of the first season, in 2016, ITOT continue to be held and TPAI continue sponsored for the exams.
According to Mr. Bui Duc Binh Duong - CEO of TPAI, this is a great opportunity for TPAI to support and wings math’s dream for alot of students in Viet Nam. TPAI also hopes to contributing to education in our country.

Lead of TPAI awarded medal for best 2 contestants

The exam was held for the first time in Vietnam will make premise for later years, contributing to change the education. The true education must be take care of the wishes and happiness of student. Besides the main purpose of the exam such as: contribute to improving the quality of mathematics teaching and learning, discovering and fostering gifted students, the exam will be provided a high quality resources for teachers and the local organizers.
It’s not only active in many product lines and different business but also TPAI priority supported and sponsored for the education’s activities. Which has shown social responsibility of enterprises, confirmed the importance of education for future generations in the development of the country.


Closing ceremony in May 8th, 2016

ITOT were held for the first time in Russia in 1989. Every year, It’s tens thousands of students from more than 100 cities in 30 countries around the world participated in the exams. The special thing of exams that students do test in their city, this helps to reduce the costs. Questions also were compiled by Central Organizing Committee in Rusia and then were transferred to the provinces. VietNam’s student will contest in Hanoi for two days (11/10 and 25/10). The result will be check and send to the Central Organizing Committee in Russia.